• Refinish a winner with BASF

Refinish a winner with BASF

Reflecting BASF technology, genuine quality and competitive pricing, the NORBIN® brand offers a range of automotive refinishing products that optimize the cost of repair and help safeguard customer competitiveness. NORBIN® products are reliable and uncomplicated, offer consistent quality and are a competitively-priced alternative to automotive repair and refinishing professionals.

The NORBIN® range of products is developed in stringent adherence to the production protocols, standards and quality controls of BASF.

Easy to use

NORBIN® offers consistent product quality with a standard process that is easy to apply. Easy-to-use products enable customers to perform repair jobs with increased productivity. Businesses become more competitive when work becomes faster and easier to manage. The results are good quality jobs and higher customer retention.

NORBIN® is the latest refinish brand of BASF, extending its family of best-in-class automotive refinish coatings.